• Location: Aidu, Estonia
  • Status: under construction

Aidu: revitalising a former oil shale mine.

Aidu was opened in 1974. After mining approximately 2,4 tonnes oil shale per year, the former mine was closed in 2012. Since in case of Aidu the area was formerly part of a village and 120 households were destroyed, the villagers didnít agree with the usual process, where former mining areas are levelled and afforested. In 2004 began the search of new conceptualization and implementation for Aidu. In planning and development process the rowing channel was suggested. The idea developed into a large scale watersport centre and in addition to this the windmill park and recovery area for gangue has been also planned to the area.

Generally the old mine sites in Estonia are afforested and when the water level raises, the artificial lakes are created. The area of the former Aidu mine is 35 km≤ and every day approximately 75 000 m≥ of water emerges. Architectural design office PLUSS has been dealing with the concept of the whole area, but the first stage involving the rowing channel, main building and judges tower has been designed in more detailed way.