• Location: Connecting Estonia 11/13 and Sakala 4/6, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Size: 66.5m2
  • Status: completed 2004
  • Client: Estonian National Bank
  • Photos: Kaido Haagen

Refined material solutions and complex geometry define the character of this translucent gallery lying hidden in the strictly closed quarters of the Central Bank of Estonia in Tallinn. A small, yet important addition to existing historical bank buildings, the gallery serves as a connector between them. Designed before digital design tools and 3D-modelling became common among Estonian architects, the gallery could be considered as a handcrafted spatial design experiment. Glass and steel details are intricately combined according to geometrical and structural demands of the design. Due to its distinct material and tectonic qualities the gallery acts as a uniquely experiential space. Refined and cool in its character, it silently serves its users not only as a space of transition but also as a place for contemplation.