• Co-architects: Helle-Triin Hansumäe, Kaarel Künnap, Kaiko Kivi
  • Interior Design: Tüüne Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla (Vaikla Stuudio OÜ)
  • Location: Pärnu, Ranna Boulevard 1, Estonia
  • Size: 6824m2
  • Client: Mudaravila Investeeringud OÜ
  • Photos: Paco Ulman

Pärnu is arguably the most important summer resort in Estonia. Known for its healthcare and recreational facilities for more than a century, the town in South-Western Estonia has several architectural masterpieces from different periods. The number of those buildings recently increased with the opening of a contemporary addition to the historical Mud Baths building (built in 1926-1927).

Situated nearly on the beach, the extension designed by Allianss Architects is a subtle interpretation of Pärnu’s resort architecture. The addition has been skilfully integrated with the historical Mud Baths building and together they facilitate the recently opened Hedon Spa & Hotel.

Bright exteriors of the contemporary extension have a delicate, almost tranquilising quality. Due to its inverted facade on the ground-floor, the solid mass seems to be floating in the air. Interior solutions were worked out in close collaboration with interior architects, aiming at the highest quality, yet refraining from pompous luxuriousness.