• Location: Sõstra 2, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Size: 380m2
  • Status: completed 2001
  • Client: OÜ Intressa
  • Photos: Reio Avaste

Sõstra street is situated at the beginning of the panel-housing district Mustamäe. The main idea when drafting the pub was to enliven the dull housing area with a splash of colour. Standing by a street with heavy traffic, the back of the pub has a sheltered terrace that faces the greenery. The facade of the pub is designed to advertise itself. The building has two separate volumes, the colourful main volume with public spaces and the darker, more modest annex for service rooms. The counter is at the connection of the two volumes. The facade is like a bottle shelf and when lit, it reveals what lies in store. During the daytime, toned glass colours the room with shimmers of light. Looking out, it creates a movie-like effect, cars passing from one colour to the other. And you don’t even have to finish up your drink to see the otherwise gray surroundings morph into joyous colours.