• Location: Liivalaia 21, Tallinn
  • Size: 4966m2
  • Status: completed 2013
  • Client: AS Viskari
  • Photos: Reio Avaste

The building stands by Liivalaia street, one of Tallinn’s largest and most crowded streets, thus the building’s visibility to swiftly passing cars holds greater significance. The development of the plot dictated to an exactitiude the volumes of the building, though some artistic freedom was achieved through co-operation with the city council, which finally allowed the slanting of the building’s volumes over the fixed panning area. This enabled the erecting of a standard cuboid form to be bypassed, and gave the 12-storey glazed building a more flexible and catching look. The lower 8-storey wing is more simple and pragmatic in comparison. Most of the rooms are reserved for apartments and the first floor houses a cafe.