• Open competition: 1st prize
  • Location: 13. Janvâra, Kungu, Minstereja ja Pasta Iela, Riga, Latvia
  • Size: 15 500m2
  • Status: under construction
  • Client: Marriott Nordic Regional Office / Arhiidea

The planned hotel is situated in the southern corner of the Old Town of Riga, forming a separate quarter in the area between 13. Janvâra, Kungu, Minstereja and Pasta Streets. The complex is formed of four historically developed plots on which most of the buildings have been destroyed. Only two highly valuable buildings constructed in the mid-18th century remain. Our solution proposes new perimetral buildings to the extent of the entire quarter, involving the buildings to be preserved in the new configuration. The quarter is subdivided by two public spaces that are functionally entwined with the hotel – a pedestrian street and a semi-private green interior yard.

The buildings on the plot vary with regard to the socle height, rhythm of the windows, height of the eaves, colour etc., thus painlessly integrating new buildings into the milieu of the Old Town of Riga.

The main entrance of the hotel is located on the side facing Kungu Street, which leads to the heart of the Old Town. The reception desk of the hotel is situated in the heart of the quarter, with various functional groups of the hotel branching off from there.