• Invited competition: 1st prize
  • Location: Lõunaküla, Naissaare, Viimsi Parish
  • Size: 890m2
  • Status: project
  • Client: Tõnu Kaljuste
  • Photos: Eek & Mutso Architects

For those at sea, the glazed sighting tower of Lootsi Chamber was to lead sailors safely to the land like a lighthouse. With the roof and walls being one, the concerthouse resembles a tiki, or a village church reaching for the heavenly heights. It is a landmark visible from far away. The tower grows organically from the main volume and forms a whole. The lawn covered slope with sole scattered boulders and a wooden terrace is planned in front of the concerthouse – as a cozy relaxed place to enjoy the scenery or simply chat prior to or after the show.

The project consisted of a concerthall, sighting tower and a museum all in honor of Bernhard Schmidt, a world-famous scientist who grew up here (inventor of the Schmidt telescope, Jaan Kross recounts his life in the novel Sailing Against the Wind: a Novel of Bernhard Schmidt).

Since the house is planned to be in use only during the warm season, the windows and front door are covered with shutters opening upwards, thus creating a practical canopy when open, sheltering from rain and sunshine and protecting the house like a cocoon when closed.

The skeleton of the house is wooden, the floor either concrete or stone to ensure the acoustics of the concert hall reverberates sufficiently. Walls, shutters and the roof are covered with shingles, double glazing of the tower is clear without divisions.

Due to economic reasons, the owner abandoned the project. Today an old barn is used as a concert-hall for venues and performances. The documentary ‘Headwind Hall’ portraying conductor Tõnu Kaljuste pursuing his dream of building a concert-hall on a nearly deserted island was filmed over 5 years (authors: A.Talvik, A.Luup, P.Valkna).