• Co-authors: Kristi Põldme, Kristel Jaanus
  • Location: Kaluri tee 13, Haabneeme, Viimsi vald, Estonia
  • Size: 1065m2
  • Status:: completed 2010
  • Client: AS Viimsi Keevitus
  • Photos: Reio Avaste

Viimsi Keevitus is a company specializng in all sorts of piping constructions, yet the name of the company is associated directly with welding. The house for which the reconstruction project was done dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Initially it was a barn with livingrooms (locally known as flock-manor). The old building had a gable roof and massive stone walls. Local govenrnment demanded in general the restoration of the original scheme. However, since the building was not under heritage protection, the architects had more freedom at hand during the designing of he building.

Paraphrasing the well-known soviet slogan, the new building is modern in content and national in form. The facade is formed as the weaving-pattern of waistbands from folk art; the same motif is repeated in the interior and furniture design.

Steel roof construction rests on the concrete slab that was lain on top of stone walls with a double-T shaped ground-plan. Building materials – concrete flooring, steel constructions and katuslagi wooden fibre boards – covered a ceiling extending from the interior to the exterior.

The load-bearing structures as well as the office furniture are welded together from double-T steel beams, a 3d image of rhombical waistband motif is applied on the glass doors, and the initials of the company – VK – form a unique safety pattern design on the glass doors, reminiscant of the traditional waistbands.

The speciality of the company echoes in the furniture design: armchairs, sofa tables and flowerpots made from drainage pipes, waterpipe wardrobe hanger and ventilation pipe lamps.

To accompany the pseudohistorical concrete lions that adorn the side entrance, a stately modern portal – welded lions (author Kalle Pruuden) – was commissioned for the company.