• Location: J. Smuuli Road 1/Narva Blv 144/Vana-Kuuli2
  • Size: 90 000m2
  • Status: under construction
  • Client: E.L.L. Kinnisvara
  • Photos: Architectural Design Office PLUSS

Panorama City is a planned urban development in a major hub between a mainly monofunctional, Soviet – era residential areas and downtown. Vana-Kuuli, Liikuri and Varraku streets are emerging as a new artery for Lasnamägi, which gathers a number of new functions starting from commerce and entertainment, a large sports center in Tondiraba and ending with Tähesaju region with its cars and building mateials sales and service quarters.

Architectural design office PLUSS was involved with the team after the general plan and the basic footprint of the building with the entrances had been approved. Also the interior commercial technology solution had been performed and these works had been carried out by Happymaa Ltd. Since the planning could not been changed, the PLUSS committed in a diversification of a rather pragmatic building volume and the surrounding area and also enliven the space between the building and large modernistic parking field. Therefore the greeneries and double facades are performed containing also a ramp allowing visitors to the roof of the centre. The roof has been designed to be a large-scale outdoor area with the cafes, restaurants, skating rink, a stage for concerts and small parks. This urban planning includes large semi-public outdoor area with magnificent views to the Tallinn song festival grounds and Baltic Sea.

In addition to a sales areas the building includes restaurants, bowling, children’s playground, sports centre and cinema complex.

With this project architectural design office PLUSS is performing the role of prime contractor. The designing process takes place as an integrated model in BIM systems. PLUSS has developed a complex model with many innovative application solutions, which open many new opportunities for client, constructor and also for user and enable to optimize the construction and exploitations costs.

Those solutions were also acknowledged with Grand Prix at international technological designing competition, organised by TEKLA.