• Location: Merivälja, Tallinn
  • Size: 385.4m2
  • Status: completed 2007
  • Client: private
  • Photos: Arne Maasik

The three storey building is arranged on a slight slope facing the sea, southern sun and city views across the bay of Tallinn. These rare qualities of the site inform the generic spatial organisation of the building. It is a simple one sided scheme – all rooms face the sun and the views. The partially submerged ground floor with the intimate world of sports and sauna opens to the private garden, whereas the two upper floors with living and sleeping quarters catch the distant views.

The ground floor is made as an in situ concrete block that continues the concrete supporting walls of the partially submerged garden and forms the concrete floor for the upper storey living and eating areas conceived as a terrace in the garden. The two upper floors are supported by steel construction and covered with dark plywood to give it a touch of a piece of furniture.

The same dark plywood is also used in the interiors of the first floor living and eating areas to stress their connection to the exterior garden. The sleeping areas of children are separated from those of the parents by an upper floor patio – a private and windless terrace used only by the family. The white and light atmosphere of the upper floor is a contrast to the exterior oriented dark living areas. The interiors are conceived as a succession of different atmospheres as one moves vertically through the building.