• Location: Laada 2, Rakvere, Estonia
  • Size: 224m2
  • Status: completed 2000
  • Client: Rakvere Municipality
  • Photos: Reio Avaste

The bus station was the first building that was erected on the central square of Rakvere after an architecture competition had been held. Planning details allocated the middle section for a promenade that was to end with the bus station. The long volume of the bus station runs alongside the promenade. The open public part, covered in glass, is transparent so that the arrival and departure of buses is visible from the promenade. The slightly offset closed section houses cashier’s desks, toilets and technical rooms. The two wings are covered with a single roof that extends to form a shade for the waiting passengers. In additon to glass, wood and metal stripes are used on the facade finishing. The interior has an analogous design with custom made furniture.