• Co-author: Villem Tomiste
  • Invited competition 2004: 1st prize
  • Location: Rotermann, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Size: 18 000m2
  • Status: completed 2007
  • Client: OÜ Rotermann City
  • Photos: Ott Kadarik

The Rotermann Quarter is a former industrial area in central Tallinn which has been redeveloped during the last decade. Now a hub of business, commerce and contemporary urban lifestyle the quarter still exudes a timeless presence of Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” which was filmed in the near-by premises more than three decades ago. The developer of the quarter valued both – the historical context and sensitive new architecture.

Kadarik Tüür Architects designed a group of apartment buildings in the core of the quarter. Their design creatively reflects the past and interprets the industrial legacy while providing a stage for vibrant and lively urban life. All four buildings have a distinct character despite of them being connected together on the ground floor, the latter of which is used for commercial activities.

Custom made facade bricks were developed for the black and orange building, while the white and brown one stand out with their expressive volumes. The apartments in the buildings are of different sizes, while interior solutions as well as auxiliary spaces provide comfort for inhabitants with various needs.