• Location: Mustamäe Road 46, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Size: 5160m2
  • Status: completed 2005
  • Construction: Eesti Ehitus AS
  • Client: Suurmaja OÜ
  • Photos: Anu Vahtra, Arne Maasik,Tiit Veermäe

This office building inspired by a classic computer game is located on a heavily trafficked main road, where only few moments are available to attract the attention of people speeding by. The building, which is located among essentially featureless Soviet-era industrial buildings, has a strong personality and is unashamedly striking. The block-like appearance of the structure, the protruding and receding volumes are all emphasised by its green and orange colour combination. Made of reinforced concrete panels, the building is covered with a paint specially intended for concrete to protect the panels against moisture.

With its design, the architect vividly demonstrates that interesting forms can also be produced using concrete elements, not only with significantly more expensive poured concrete. A clear identity is needed to remain competitive in the rapidly changing business world – why shouldn’t one part of this be architectural? The Tetris building provides a modern work environment and architectural differentiation from anonymous and boxy glass office buildings.