• Location: Nõmme street 5, Viimsi Parish, Harjumaa
  • Size: 316m2
  • Status: completed 2013
  • Client: private
  • Photos: Eek & Mutso Architects

Located in a calm suburban neighbourhood just outside of Tallinn, this private villa skilfully combines spatial diversity with conceptual simplicity. Tall pine trees together with the low, one-story villa generate a sensual contrast and define the main character of the site. Two glass facades on opposite sides of the villa provide easy access to spacious terraces, while monolithic concrete walls determine the overall minimalist shape of the building.

Within the villa, both private and public spaces are sequenced according to the cross-shaped plan. Communal spaces – corridors and the centrally located kitchen/dining/living room – are placed on both of the crossing axes which intersect the house. Private and auxiliary spaces on the other hand are located on four corner sections of the building. Designed as a rational, yet sensuous and intimate space for living, this villa represents a dignified contemporary lifestyle.