30. Jan 2023

Estonian Centre for Architecture announces the curatorial competition of TAB 2024!

Opening of TAB 22. Photo by Jaan Sokk.

Estonian Centre for Architecture announces the curatorial competition of the seventh international Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2024.

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB), organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA), is an international architecture festival held since 2011. The festival contributes to creating and promoting a high-quality built environment by addressing timely issues, providing a platform for discussion, bringing together top players, delving into the present and future, and introducing local architectural culture. TAB’s programme offers events for the top of the field, young professionals just starting out in the field of architecture, and a broader audience of architecture enthusiasts.

TAB aims to:
● promote a high-quality built environment;
● provide an international platform for Estonian architecture;
● highlight new ways of thinking and create a vision in the field of architecture.

TAB 2024 takes place between September and November. It consists of a main programme curated by a team of curators and a separate satellite programme. The TAB 2024 curatorial competition aims to find the best theme for the seventh biennale and a team of curators to organise the event. The main events will reveal the curator’s ideas not only in architecture but in society at large. The best examples from the previous biennales are when all the main events are woven into a complementary whole.

The curator(s) of TAB 2024 will be expected to choose and flesh out a theme for the biennale, create and curate content, and bring in exhibition/symposium participants. ECA provides production support to the curators throughout the biennale.

Full curatorial competition conditions can be found on TAB’s website.


30 January Announcement of the competition
14 February Briefing
4 April Deadline for submitting entries
12 April Results of Stage I
19 April Stage II, jury meets with the teams
27 April Publication of results

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