Apartment Building in Pirita

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Allianss Architects
Tarmo Teedumäe
Toomas Tammis

Interior Design

Tarmo Teedumäe, Toomas Tammis


Marti 3, Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia




completed 2013


Polar Holding OÜ


Tarmo Teedumäe




Residential, Apartment, Tallinn

Pirita is a district in Tallinn which was planned and has mainly been built according to the ideals of the garden city – private residences and row-houses situated on large plots with lush greenery. The area has been and still is mainly inhabited by middle- and upper middle-class residents, majority of them working in the city centre. Allianss Architects recently completed an apartment building in Pirita which provides comforts comparable to those of a private villa.
The Masti Street apartment building consists of two separate cubic volumes which are interconnected on the upper floor level forming a passage underneath. Facades are of dark brick while windows, scattered seemingly all over the walls, create a positively heterogeneous overall impression, reminiscent of some examples of the mid-20th century Scandinavian Modernism. Close attention has been paid to landscaping while vehicles are hidden behind and underneath the building, leaving majority of the (front-) garden free for pedestrians. The apartments are of various sizes; some of the larger ones have been spread between two floors.