Baltika Quarter


3 + 1 Architects & Studio 3
Markus Kaasik
Andres Ojari
Ilmar Valdur
Andres Põime


Veerenni 24, Tallinn, Estonia


12 849,6 m2


Completed in 2009


Kaido Haagen

Similar to several other former industrial complexes, this Soviet-era sewing factory has been converted and rebranded. The architectural solution was found through an invitation-based competition and involved the cooperation of all participants. The concept had a very clear focus, aimed at gathering Tallinn’s fashion design enterprises and creative industries. On the Ground floor there are public areas with a so-called fashion street, trying to make a seamless connection between the street environment and the “public square” inside. The upper floors house design­ and advertising agencies’ offices, a hall/ showroom and a creative incubator. All interiors are bare and simple and use as much upcycled furniture as possible.