“Bog Fox” high-voltage pylon



Project team

Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam



Competition & awards

Open, 2016, 1st Prize


Rõuma, 90904 Lääne County


height 45m, weight 33 tons


Completed, 2020


Elering AS




Awarded Projects, Landscape and Urban Planning, Installations


Energy efficient

In July 2020 the first designer high-voltage pylon in Estonia entered service. The design called „Bog Fox“(Soorebane) was completed near the small town of Risti in Lääne County. The Cor-Ten pylon is 45 meters tall and weighs nearly 40 tons. The characteristic rusty hue can be associated with the prevailing bog landscapes that surround the location. The diameter of the trunk of the pylon is 1.66 meters at the thickest part and the maximum thickness of the wall is 22 millimeters. The „Bog fox“ pylon is the right angle pylon for the power lines on the Harku-Lihula-Sindi 330/110 kilovolt high-voltage line.

Elering organized the first design contest of this type in Estonia in 2016 in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Architects to find the artistic solution for the designer pylon. In addition to Estonian offices several works were submitted from Austrian, Danish and UK architects. The idea to create a designer pylon derived form several practical circumstances. During the redesigning process of the high-voltage lines in the area the placement of the new lines was situated so that a right angle would form in this prominent location next to the highway going to the main islands of Estonia and the famous resort town of Haapsalu.

For the design the Rhinoceros 3D computer-aided design application was used and as there was no local companies able to produce the elements the „Bog Fox“ was produced in Romania. The pylon was awarded the first prize in the contest “Digital Innovation Project of the Year” as well as “Construction Project of the Year” in the category of civil engineering works, all in 2020. It was also named the winner of the annual award in the category “Small” by the Estonian Association of Architects.