Foorum Commercial and Residential Complex

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Project team

Liis Voksepp, Simone Leuenberger, Yoko Azukawa, Hanno Grossschmidt, Tomomi Hayashi


Narva maantee 5, 10151 Tallinn


29,937 m²


Completed, 2007


Foorum Kinnisvara AS


Kaido Haagen, Raido Vint


Commercial, Interior Design, Landscape and Urban Planning, Residential


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Foorum building is a very curious building. It houses three different functions – the two first floors are for shops and other commercial enterprises, the floors 3-8 are for apartments and the part behind the part facing the street there are 6 floors of offices. The entire complex has a decidedly urbane feel, with the main facade stepping back generously to create a lively triangular plaza in front and thus compensate for the filling in of the formerly adjacent Viru Square. As it is situated on the trajectory between the harbor and the commercial center city three pathways through the building where planned, one of them is the shopping gallery.

The quite a large volume of the building has been divided into four separate parts organized with the aid of longitudinal passages and quiet inner courtyards. Due to such a spatial layout, the massive building feels unexpectedly light; an impression that grows even stronger due to the inclined, stepped facades and glazed, undulating balconies towering above the street.

Detailing, materials and a whimsical interior design by Kohvi add to its high-end character. Lots of thought has gone into designing the interior. The shopping arcade that runs through the building is finished with golden ad darkish brown to give it a more elegant look.

To keep the street noise getting to the apartments all the balconies are glazed. The apartments vary from small one room apartments to 120 square meter ones. The abundance of functions guarantees 24h use for the building.