Hedon SPA in Pärnu

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Allianss Architects

Project team

Tarmo Teedumäe, Paco Ulman, Inga Raukas, Helle–Triin Hansumäe, Kaarel Künnap, Kaiko Kivi

Interior Design

Tüüne Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla (Vaikla Studio)


Ranna puiestee 1, 80010 Pärnu


6,824 m2


Completed 2011


Mudaravila Investeeringud OÜ


Paco Ulman


Healthcare, Refurbishment, Awarded, Hospitality, Historic


Refurbishment, Hospitality, Commercial, Awarded, Historical, Healthcare, Hotel, Pärnu, Restaurant, Spa

Pärnu is arguably the most important summer resort in Estonia. Known for its healthcare and recreational facilities for more than a century, the town in South-Western Estonia has several architectural masterpieces from different periods. The number of those buildings recently increased with the opening of a contemporary addition to the historical neo-classical Mud Baths building (built in 1926-1927). The old building is one of the most iconic resort buildings in the town.

The extension designed by Allianss Architects is a subtle interpretation of Pärnu’s resort architecture. The addition has been skillfully integrated with the historical Mud Baths building and together they facilitate the recently opened Hedon Spa & Hotel. The complicated goal of the project was to suitably combine the existing historical monument with a new extension. The latter was expected to have a contemporary design, give due consideration to the surrounding park landscape and enliven the adjacent area.

Bright exteriors of the contemporary extension have a delicate, almost tranquilizing quality. Due to its inverted facade on the ground-floor, the solid mass seems to be floating in the air. Interior solutions were worked out in close collaboration with interior architects, aiming at the highest quality, yet refraining from pompous luxuriousness.

The historical building houses a day spa with pools, a quiet spa, body treatment rooms, a health center and 4 hotel rooms. The extension added on the sea-facing façade houses a restaurant, reception area and conference room on the ground floor and 68 hotel rooms on the first and second floors.