Kentmanni Residential and Commercial Building

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Indrek Allmann


Kentmanni 6, Tallinn, Estonia


19758 m2


Completed 2015


Kert Saarma


Commercial Projects, Residential


Residential, Contemporary arhcitecture, New City Area, Tallinn

Rävala Boulevard and part of the buildings surrounding it are one of the most consistent examples of Stalinist urban planning in the centre of Tallinn. The luxurious residential and commercial building glittering in the sun at the end of the long boulevard enters into an active dialogue with the existing urban space and finishes the boulevard that starts at the Radisson hotel. Depending on its surroundings, the building is divided into sections of different height – the low five­ storey part in immediate relation with the neighbouring buildings seems to be turned into its negative and transferred behind the pillars, the main volume, however, soars into the heights and becomes accentuated in the urban space. The highly modern sumptuous building attempts to introduce big-city density and wealth into the hectic environment of Tallinn’s midtown.