Koidula 26 Apartment Building


Alver Architects


L. Koidula 26, Tallinn, Estonia


629,4 m2


Completed in 2006


Tiit Trummal




Residential, Contemporary arhcitecture, Kadriorg, Tallinn

In a way somewhat similar to the 3+1 apartment building next to it, this house reveals quite little of its character to the street. Its presence on this quiet bourgeois street is actually even more modest, with simple geometry of openings in the white cubic facade and one window protruding like an eye watching over the neighbourhood. A different character unfolds from the yard – a world of comfortable privacy and airy luxury. Instead of a multi­-apartment building that would definitely have fit on the plot, the architect and developer opted for an urban villa-type structure with just two apartments, one each on 1st and 2nd floors, and a beauty parlour downstairs. In its own restrained manner, the building gives testimony to a trend encompassing the whole area, which is on its way towards a distinctly upper-middle-class environment.