Lutheri Factory Complex


ARS Projekt


Vana-Lõuna 39, Tallinn, Estonia


18 271,5 m2


Completed in 2018


Kaido Haagen, Jarmo Kauge


Historical, Residential


Residential, Refurbished, New City Area, Tallinn

In the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, Tallinn rapidly industrialised and numerous large factories were erected. The Lutheri complex was built for processing timber,  it was a pioneering developer of veneer in Europe and a producer of bentwood furniture that is still prized today. In addition to the factory buildings, new prosperity was reflected in an expressive workers’ club (architects Gesellius, Lindgren & Saarinen, 1904 – 1905) and Christian Luther’s villa (Vassilyev & Bubyr, 1909 – 1910); both commissioned by internationally renowned architects of the era and featuring nuanced, decorative takes on Northern Art Nouveau. A number of the factory buildings have now been renovated into airy and spacious lofts with a solution that accentuates its industrial past. Even the complex’s car park, built into a former top-lit machine hall, is probably the most glamorous in Tallinn.