Orjaku Harbour Building


KAMP Architects


Orjaku, Hiiumaa, Estonia




Completed in 2013


Orjaku Külaselts


Terje Ugandi


Commercial Projects, Wooden Architecture


Harbour, Wooden construction

The buildings accommodating Orjaku’s village society and marina guests were built in three stages. The first building houses a multifunctional small hall and an office for the local society. The second building houses a large hall with auxiliary rooms, where a cafe or a restaurant could settle. The third building is meant for the guests visiting the harbour from the sea, so it houses bathrooms and saunas and a break room. The three separate volumes are connected by terraces and roofed galleries, which visually tie the complex into a single whole.

The old Harbour complex in Orjaku has a rather pretentious outer shell, which made fitting a new building next to it challenging. As the architects did not wish to emulate the formal style of the old building or to overshadow it the chosen solution was simple and neutral. Contemporaneity is communicated through the bareness of details and a calm attitude. The facades are either made of large glazed surfaces or simple surfaces clad in wood that has been treated with ferrous sulphate. The walls are strategically erected in an oblique manner to act as the missing eaves and to create cosy inner yards between the buildings. The large terrace facing the sea is partly covered by a rib-like roof that protects from the rain and offers shade.