Paldiski Road Apartment Building

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Project team

Margus Maiste, Tarmo Maiste


Paldiski mnt 9 / Koidu 1, 10137 Tallinn


2,321 m2


Completed, 2012


Kaido Haagen




Residential, Tallinn city centre, Apartment, Tallinn

The buildings of Paldiski Road are eclectic – there are tall apartment buildings of the Soviet period, wooden and stone architecture from the early 20th century, present-day office buildings and dwellings. Therefore, the apartment building consisting of two blocks on the border of Kassisaba district is located in a complicated urban context. The district itself is also a bustling and vibrant area where there are several traces off gentrification over the past 10-15 years.

As both blocks are situated along the street, they do not create an impression of being squeezed tightly onto one plot. The old limestone building between the new ones was renovated as part of the development. The location created an interesting situation where on one hand you have an active streetscape and on the other a quiet heritage protected and thus strictly regulated environment. The solution created by Proge Architects is testing the boundaries of this and proposes an interesting and unfamiliar solution.

The fact that prefabricated panels were used has not been hidden; the decorative treatment of panels and their dark grey color add character. The same zigzagging concrete is repeated in the interior of the stairways, but there it is light grey.

While the larger block contains four flats on each floor, the smaller block has only one spacious three-room apartment per floor. All in all, there are 20 two- and three-room apartments, ranging from 54 to 85 square meters.