Poska 19 Apartment Building


Celander Projekt


J. Poska 19, Tallinn, Estonia


785,2 m2


Completed in 2011


Kert Saarma


Historical, Residential, Wooden Architecture


Residential, Contemporary arhcitecture, Refurbished, Kadriorg, Tallinn

Poska Street has historically been the settlement of servants of the Russian czars’ Kadriorg Palace. The area’s nickname sloboda, denoting a type of suburban settlement in Russian, testifies that a great deal of them were of Russian origin. Hence, elaborate Russian­-style wood carvings feature on a great number of the small wooden dwellings here. The buildings at Poska Street 19 are probably the oldest wooden houses in Tallinn, dating from the baroque era, and many of the period specific details have been preserved. One of the recently reconstructed dwellings also acquired a contemporary annex housing eight apartments. While visibly contemporary, the overall structural volume and dark wood cladding also pays dues to its historic context.