Alver Architects


Rotermanni 10, Tallinn, Estonia




Completed in 2013


Alver Architects


Commercial Projects, Residential


Residential, Office, Tallinn

The goal of urban renewal in Rotermann Quarter is to preserve the historic industrial heritage but also to update it to modern standards of city life. New buildings are added to make the quarter more dense and thus pedestrian friendly. R-10 is one of the new buildings aiming to achieve this result.

First, a five floor tall residential brick house was built. Then, another volume was added. The top two floors partly support themselves by standing on tall wooden columns. The volume has a double-layered structure: its roof is  a crossbreed of a gabled roof, typical to the area, and a wooden roof dormer, which gives it a unique presence. The top floors are both taller in height and wider in plan as they seemingly levitate and expand over the bottom brick volume. By doing this, the building follows the grain of the district. It pays dues to the quarter’s heritage, and anticipates future projects in Rotermann Quarter.