Rakvere Coach Station


Madis Eek
Margit Mutso
Reio Avaste
Eek & Mutso Architects


Laada 2, Rakvere, Estonia




Completed in 2000


Rakvere Municipality


Reio Avaste


Public Projects



Rakvere is a small town in Northern Estonia known mainly for its mediaeval fortress on a tall hill dominating the landscape. The new plan for Rakvere’s central Market square sought to update the place, which is mostly fringed by public offices. The plan allocated the middle cross-section of  the square to a promenade leading towards the coach station, which was also the first building erected after the architectural competition. The long volume of the coach station runs alongside the promenade separating it from the parking lots. The open public wing of the station has transparent glazed walls, so that the arrival and departure of buses were visible from the promenade. The slightly offset closed wing houses cashier’s desks, toilets, technical and staff rooms. The two wings are covered with a single roof that extends over the outdoor waiting area to shade the passengers from the elements. In addition to glass, wooden planks and metal straps are used on the facade finishing. The interior design is analogous to the exterior but topped off by custom made furniture.