Telliskivi Creative City

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Telliskivi Creative City occupies the former railway factories between the central railway station and Kopli freight train depot. One of many former industrial clusters in Tallinn, it has been redeveloped along a different model than many other similar but more commercial developments – occupying the spaces gradually, on a self-organized basis until the process of drawing up an actual detailed plan follows its course. The strategy has proven itself, and the present activities are taken into consideration in developers’ plans as well.

Telliskivi works as a hub, renting spaces to various players in the cultural field including the organizers of the main local film festival, music promoters, urbanists and designers, while several spaces are also used as workshops. Concerts, performances and a Saturday flea market are additionally held. The atmosphere of a creative community can be felt.

Telliskivi is one of the most popular leisure locations int the city of Tallinn thanks to its atmosphere and inventively redeveloped industrial urban space.

After the industry vacated the premises the Telliskivi Loomelinnak, a creative community took over the south western part of the area. Initially carried by a squatter like mentality the buildings were left as they were after the industry left and mostly still are without mayor architectural interventions.

The north-eastern portion of the are has more modern architectural interventions as the developer is different, although even here the historical industrial heritage plays an integral part in the redevelopments. The entire area can be described as a development that takes its past into consideration and reuses most of the existing infrastructure to its advantage.

Currently the Telliskivi Quarter has tens of buildings where one can rent offices, studios, workshops, commercial premises, storages or other spaces. In addition to several cultural organization and non-governmental organizations the quarter houses also several non-cultural companies like IT companies, law firms or financial companies. It also has an abundance of restaurants and bars.