The Pier

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Kavakava Architects


Kalarand, Tallinn, Estonia (from June to October 2011)

Surface area



built and dismantled 2011


Lift11 urban installations festival


Margit Argus, Siiri Vallner


Landscape and Urban Planning, Public Projects


Public, Tallinn

The Pier was part of the “Lift 11” urban installations festival ( The aim of the installation was to encourage temporary uses and bring out beauty of decaying place. The installation explores the territory before its “real” and official use. Time has weathered and deformed the pier over decades. It does not fit for landing boats any more. However, it would be perfect for sitting, relaxing and having a good time.


The constantly changing surface is living a life of its own – a fact that is underlined by covering the concrete pier with wooden boarding. Thus a desolate crumbling object has been returned to the contemporary urban space. The boarded surfaces reflect exact shapes of concrete slabs created upon disintegration. Contemporary architects make efforts to create spaces and surfaces that look unstable. Here this situation is found and can be used as a test ground.


2013: Lift 11 installation The Pier gets the special mention at the Estonian Architects Union competition “SMALL 2010–2012”.