Viimsi Private Residence

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Tarmo Teedumäe
Toomas Tammis
Inga Raukas


Viimsi Rd 13, Tallinn, Estonia


376,9 m2


Completed 2005


Martin Siplane




Contemporary arhcitecture, Viimsi, Tallinn

This luxurious villa was built in the older section of Merivälja, where the majority of private houses date from 1920’s-1970’s. Nevertheless, instead of trying to relate formally to the existing context, the design solution stems directly from a functional diagram. With a plot located on a slope, the rooms and openings on the garden facade are distributed according to the best views opening towards the sea. The middle storey (the ground floor from the street) is the main living level; sleeping quarters with separate wings for the parents and children are on the upper floor, and the base level houses a sauna and pool. Smooth concrete on the facades as well as inside is contrasted with dark veneer, which lends the building a somewhat weighty, solid and warm feeling.