Viimsi Secondary School

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Agabus, Endjärv & Truverk Architects

Project team

Illimar Truverk, Raul Järg, Priit Pent, Eero Endjärv

Competition & awards

Open, 2003, 1st Prize


Randvere tee 8, Viimsi, 74001 Harju maakond


15,682 m2


Completed 2006


Viimsi Parish


Martin Siplane, Catherine Kõrtsmik


Science & Education, Sports, Awarded, Interior Design, Public, Wood


Public, School, Viimsi, Wood, Awarded, Sports hall, Swimming pool, Tallinn

After its completion in 2006, the solar wheel shaped building for 1300 students was probably the most modern school building in Estonia. The solution for the school, necessitated by urban sprawl and growth of population density in Viimsi, was chosen by a public architectural competition in 2003.

On the facade, concrete panels treated with iron chloride alternate with large glass surfaces; the projecting and receding, slanting and straight walls give the building a mobile and bold appearance.

The diversity and rhythms make the building seem to be of irregular room division and location, at least at first sight. In reality this has been well-considered and subject to strict rules. The basic structure of the building is reminiscent of four independent and scattered, connected by the indoor atrium. The movement of the sun has been observed in the placement of the four wings of the building. The whole building gives the impression of rotating clockwise, attempting to catch the sun where the activities taking place in the buildings most require it.

With its bare construction, the atrium which connects the four irregular wings of the building, forms a solid background to the bustling of students. Different wings contain classrooms for the primary, middle and secondary school. They are connected by the canteen, the gym and the festive hall.