Lightning Lectures

Estonian Centre for Architecture organises Lightning Lectures that invite people to think along and express their opinion on the issues of creating the public space around us. In addition, the lectures create a public debate on architectural topics and invite people to notice that architecture and high-quality space are the business of all of us, which in turn increase the competitiveness of Estonia as a place to live and work. Lightning Lectures are for meant for those who wish to notice the connections between architecture and the rest of the world, look for fresh perspectives, notice new faces and exchange thoughts on the developing trends in the field of architecture and spatial culture.

Each lecture has its own moderator, often an Estonian architect, who declares the theme of the evening and calls together speakers who help open the topic from different angles. Each speaker will speak for 9 minutes, followed by questions and discussion. Previous lectures can be watched on YouTube.

The Lightning Lectures are held thanks to the support of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Velux.