20. Jun 2023

The winner of TAB 2024 unveiled: “Resources for a Future”

Photo: Krista Mölder, from the series Being Present 2012

“How to think, design and build architecture with our resources will be the theme of this Biennale concept in Tallinn. We want to focus on different levels from architecture, typologies, building materials to the level of urban planning. The exhibition will have a world-wide perspective with a local base and call for action,” states the curatorial team.


Curatorial team 

Daniel A. Walser, Zürich

Anhelina L. Starkova, Kharkiv

João Charters Monteiro, Lisbon

Jaan Kuusemets, Tallinn


Stay tuned as we dive into a groundbreaking project that promises to shape a better tomorrow!

TAB 2024 will be held in October – November 2024.

Photo: Roger Boltshauser