Masterpieces of Soviet architecture


3 hours


by bus


42€ per participant (incl. VAT)

Minimum group size

10 people

This tour will take you to see the finest and most exciting examples of Soviet architecture across Tallinn, from buildings erected for Soviet power structures to large-scale memorials exhibiting the best of landscape architecture of the period. With this tour, you’ll also get a chance to peek into some of the buildings, upon request on booking.


Rävala Boulevard: an administrative and urban centre during the Soviet era, including the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, designed at the time for the EKP (Communist Party of Estonia); the Academic Library

Cinema "Sõprus: an example of Soviet architecture right in the heart of Tallinn Old Town

Hotel Viru: purpose-built to keep an eye on foreign tourists visiting the Soviet Union

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds: the scene for the biggest music event in Estonia

Maarjamäe war memorial: even in its dilapidated state, still one of the best large-scale landscape architecture examples in the region

Pirita Spa Hotel at the Tallinn Olympic Sailing Centre and the Olympic facilities on the Pirita River – an overview of how Tallinn was changed for the 1980 Games

Soviet prefab-suburb Lasnamägi: large-scale Soviet urban planning

Linnahall Concert Hall: Soviet landmark connecting the city and the sea