09. Jun 2020

Wood Works: Open Call for Curators

The Estonian Association of Architects (EAA) has joined forces with the Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA) and Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) to promote an international Open Call to select a curatorial team for Wood Works— a new exhibition programme taking place between Ireland and Estonia in 2020—2021.

Wood Works is an Estonian and Irish collaboration that focuses on the use of wood in design and construction in architecture. The aim of the competitive Open Call is to find curators for the Wood Works initiative, which includes a travelling exhibition, collaborative workshops and publication

The Wood Works 2020-2021 project supports an exchange of expertise and creativity between architects from Estonia and Ireland to establish collaborative possibilities between all participants. We are seeking applications for a curatorial team who together demonstrate that they are deeply acquainted with the architectural culture in both Estonia and Ireland in equal measure.

Questions and further information

Information Session Webinar: 18 June 2020, 13.00 Ireland time / 15.00 Estonia time. Webinar presentation can be found here.

Submission deadline: 28 August 2020, 12.00 Ireland time / 14.00 Estonia time.

The Jury will meet on the 3 of September at such time the shortlisted teams will be required to attend interview.

Q&A can be found here. This Q&A will be updated until the end of submission deadline.

Please do not hesitate to send questions regarding the brief to kadri.laar@arhliit.ee.


How to apply

  1. Please download and read the Curatorial Brief below. This document includes information on what is needed for the competition submission, entry requirements and assessment criteria.
  2. As part of your submission, please also download and complete the Quotation Template below.

If you need help to find a partner:

You can research potential partners using the following suggested sites for information on Estonian and Irish architecture and  architects:

Alternatively, click here to complete Google form. After filling the form this information will be made available to all who are looking for a partner.

Last resort…if you would like extra help:

If you have any questions about the brief please email Kadri Laar on kadri.laar@arhliit.e and the answers will be posted on this website regularly until the submission date.